What is Bootstrap?

By changing Bootstrap’s variables and mixins, which regulate elements like colors, font, and spacing, you can make it your own. Also, you can make your own CSS classes to replace or supplement Bootstrap’s built-in styles. But it’s crucial to adhere to recommended practices and stay away from directly altering Bootstrap’s core files.

Once you unzip the archive file, you’ll see lots of files and folders that aren’t required for our tutorial. Jump directly into the dist directory and copy all the folders to a new destination, which will be your project home. Ivan Zdravkovic is a front-end developer with extensive hands-on experience with booking plugins. He always tries to deliver innovative solutions and provide users with a more personalized experience with Amelia. Ivan spends his spare time creating hand-made furniture, crafting wood, and making traditional drinks. Integrating Bootstrap can significantly streamline the website development process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Bootstrap References

Since we have the entire CSS ready in our bootstrap.css file, we just have to add the correct markup and correct classes to each element. “container” and “row” for layout, “btn” for buttons, “form-control” for form inputs, and “navbar” for navigation menus are some of the most popular CSS classes used in Bootstrap. For styling typography, pictures, and other elements, Bootstrap also provides a large number of additional classes.

what does bootstrap do

It contains lots of media queries, allowing you to define each column’s custom breakpoints based on your web project needs. Some of Bootstrap’s interface components include navigation bars, grid systems, image carousels, and buttons. Due to its popularity, more and more Bootstrap communities emerge. These are great places for web developers and web designers to share knowledge and discuss the latest versions of Bootstrap patches.

Desktop browsers

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  • While it’s possible to customize your Bootstrap site, most people stick with the basic design layout.

The grid system consists of rows and columns, letting you make a grid inside the existing one instead of entering media queries within the CSS file. You can also use themes for popular content management systems as learning tools. For example, most WordPress themes were developed using what is boostrap Bootstrap, which any beginner web developer can access. Due to its popularity, plenty of tutorials and online forums are available to help you get started. People everywhere are using Bootstrap to build their websites, which means that a lot of sites are built off the same template.

The takeaway: when to use Bootstrap

The mobile-first approach assumes smartphones, tablets and task-specific mobile apps are employees’ primary tools for getting work done. Bootstrap addresses the requirements of those technologies in design and includes UI components, layouts, JavaScript tools and the implementation framework. Navbar-collapse is applied to make the menu touch-compatible and also to change its form for smaller devices. There’s also a form that’s classed form-inline so that it displays correctly inside the navigation bar. And finally, I’ve shown the basic structure to place a drop-down menu inside the navigation. You must include Bootstrap’s CSS and JavaScript files in your HTML code in order to use it in a web development project.

what does bootstrap do

Bootstrap simplifies the often cumbersome task of resizing images and elements. This automation spares developers the trouble of handling these aspects manually, letting Bootstrap handle it effortlessly. This convenience significantly streamlines the development process, especially if you’re not a seasoned coder. The row now contains three more div tags with the class col-sm.

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